“Karveskurd” (Chip carving) – make your own butter mould

Learn an old woodcarving technique and create your own unique butter mould. The first weekend in March at Brekkeparken, Skien.


Learn to decorate a festive butter mould using the chip carving technique, the way they did it in the old days. On this course, you will get a ready-made butter mould which you will create your own pattern on.

In the old farming community, butter was a highly valued product. People would gift a beautifully decorated piece of butter to the hosts at great feasts. The butter was placed on cake stands on the long table and was assessed according to its taste and decoration. There was great honour in making the tastiest and most beautiful butter gift.

This is a 13-hour course that runs over three days. The course costs 1950 kr per participant. The price includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and of course the butter mould that you make. The tool you will be using is a knife. You can buy it on the course if you do not have your own.

About the instructor

Karina Børven has studied and worked with arts and traditional crafts for 15 years. She has worked with wood carving and has been involved in many different exciting projects, from church art to parts of a Viking ship.

She now works as a museum craftsperson at Telemark Museum, where she leads the craftsmanship part of the restoration of Henrik Ibsen s childhood home at Venstøp in Skien.