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Exhibitions and Tours

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The Berg-Kragerø Museum is situated be the Helle Fjord in Kragerø. The museum offers exhibitions, activities and lectures.

Discover the holiday life, coastal culture, ice export during the sailing ship era, and Edvard Munch’s artistic life in Kragerø. Guided tours in the manor house. Nature trails, park area, café, museum shop, beach and boat dock.

Here you can listen to digital stories about “Jeia”, sail maker Christian Larsen, and fisherman Minda Olsen and view images of houses and some of the furnishings at Berg-Kragerø museum.

Café and Shop

In our small summer café, we serve homemade food such as scones, sandwiches, waffles, and cakes. In the museum shop, we have products from local artists and craftsmen such as shawls, jewelry, glass, tea towels, knives, and souvenirs.

Berg Manor House

The Berg estate is idyllically located on Langetangen by the Helle fjord in Kragerø. The manor house belonged to the powerful family Homan. In 1943 the last surviving member of the family, Henriette “Jeia” Homan, bequeathed the family’s summer residence to Kragerø municipality. She wanted the place to become a museum that tells the city’s history. After a thorough renovation, Kragerø museum opened in 1955.

The magnificent property is nearly 700 acres and is a wonderful place for recreation. Berg is right by the Helle fjord, and if you want to combine a museum visit with boating, swimming, and sunbathing, then Berg is the place to be.

There are several historical buildings on the site, and in the exhibition building you will find the museum shop and a small café.

Permanent Exhibitions

The permanent exhibitions at Berg are: “Work and Livelihood” from 1850 to 2019, Ice trade in Kragerø, Tangen shipyard history, and an exhibition about Munch.

Munch Exhibition “Kragerø was good for me” is located at Berg

The artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944) came to Kragerø in 1909 after a nervous breakdown the previous year. The period in Kragerø is seen by many as the most interesting period in his life and artistic work. It was also a very productive period. “The History” and “The Sun”, which decorate the University’s hall, were painted here. It was probably the sunrise he saw from Skrubben, the house he rented in Kragerø, that inspired the fantastic main work.

“Kragerø was good for me” opened at Berg 100 years after Munch arrived in the town. It shows his artistic work in the period 1909-1916 and how the artist lived in the coastal town in southern Telemark.


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