About Brekkeparken

The Brekke Park (Brekkeparken) is known for its floral beauty, old farmhouses, the manor house Søndre Brekke, and the cozy Brekkeparken café.

The manor house once housed 1814-minister Niels Aall, and the story of the “Gray Lady” originates from Aall’s time. Join guided tours of the main house, farmhouses in the park, or the new museum building, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the Aall Inn café.

Søndre Brekke manor is located freely, overlooking Skien city center, the Skien river, and the Telemark Canal that winds its way up to the upper parts of Telemark. In addition to the museum, you will find a popular playground in the park and a cozy café.

Majestic Minister’s Residence

The main building at Søndre Brekke manor is majestic! The building has been restored in the Empire style, as it is believed that 1814-minister Niels Aall and his family lived on Søndre Brekke in the first half of the 1800s. Niels Aall was the Minister of Commerce during the negotiations for the Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814, and the story of his role is conveyed in the Søndre Brekke manor house.

The manor has housed several fine, traditional families from Skien, most notably the Aall family, with Niels Aall as the head of the family. He bought Søndre Brekke in 1810 and sold the magnificent property to his son Hans Aall in 1830. But the Anscbach family and the Høyer family are also distinguished family names that have had an address at Søndre Brekke.

Magnificent Interior

The main house was built in 1780, and the interior has been recreated to what we believe it was like in Niels Aall’s time when the Empire style was in fashion. At Søndre Brekke, you can, among other things, visit the Prince’s room, the room we believe housed the Danish-Norwegian prince Christian Fredrik when he visited Niels Aall in 1813.

The Gray Lady

The main building also offers the story of the “Gray Lady” – a recurring apparition that has generated great interest among the public, and which many claim to have seen over the years. There is disagreement about who this lady is, who constantly appears on Brekke, but all stories are connected to the Danish-Norwegian prince Christian Fredrik, who visited the farm as regent (the king’s representative) in 1813.

Tulip Park

Søndre Brekke is located in the beautiful Brekke Park, a park inspired by English landscape style. Since the museum opened in 1909, Brekke Park has been the city’s public park, and it is open to the public throughout the summer season. The floral beauty in Brekke Park is widely known, and 27,000 tulip bulbs will bloom in May.

Buildings from Telemark

The buildings in Brekke Park represent Telemark’s cultural history and tell about housing and building practices in Telemark. In the park, there is also a laborer’s home from the early 1900s, an old shop from Kleiva, a playhouse, a pavilion, and a duck pond.

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