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AUGUST 14TH, 1814. At Moss Iron Works, State Council Niels Aall is negotiating a peace agreement with Sweden, while ensuring that we retain the newly written Norwegian constitution.

THE PROBLEM: The peace agreement has been written, but the Swedish representatives refuse to approve the agreement before Niels Aall puts his personal seal on it. The problem is that the signet ring, with the seal, is located somewhere at Søndre Brekke manor in Skien. The last mail courier to Moss from Skien departs in exactly 60 minutes!

WE NEED YOU! Do you have what it takes to solve the riddles that lead to the seal that ensures peace and saves Norways constitution? Sign up for service with The Society and find the seal. Book here from 14. of April.


BACKGROUND. The summer has been a hectic one and state council Niels Aall has not had the time to stop by his residence in Skien since he left for Eidsvoll to participate in the drafting of the Norwegian constitution. From Eidsvoll he was sent directly to London on a diplomatic mission in an attempt to England’s support in our struggle for independence, but to no vail.

How did we end up in this situation?

See the movie, and understand more
Let us take a step back..

ON NAPOELONS SIDE. The Napoleonic wars have been ravaging Europe for years. Denmark-Norway tried to keep a neutral stance in this war between the great powers, but eventually we were unwillingly drawn into the conflict on Napoleon’s and France’s side. This had dire consequences for Norway. The English enforced a blockade of the Norwegian coast so that the needed grain couldn’t be imported. As a consequence famine ensued.

HELP FROM THE SOCIETY. Niels Aall now needs help from The Society to seal the peace agreement with the Swedes. Representatives of The Society have been sent to Skien to collect Aall’s personal signet ring. This ring is hidden and locked away securely. This is a time of Swedish spies, closed door meetings and secret accords, so knowing who to trust is difficult. The representatives of The Society will have to show themselves worthy of the assignment and prove that they are amongst those that have Norway at heart.

A RESIDENCE FULL OF CODES. Søndre Brekke is a residence full of hidden secrets, mysteries and codes. Aall is not the type of man to leave his signet ring around for anyone to find. It is most likely hidden away well and only truly worthy members of The Society will have what it takes to find it and thus secure Norway’s constitution.

The last courier to Moss leaves in exactly 60 minutes, so time is of the essence. The clock is ticking..

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