European Route of Ceramics

The European Route of Ceramics is a culture route certified by the Council of Europe. Its aim is to give value to the cultural heritage associated with the production of ceramics and its history. The cultural goal is to create a sustainable and competitive tourism offering, based on the entire cultural and social development that this industrial history has had an impact on, both historically and in the present. We continue this cultural heritage in collaboration with ceramic artists, through artistic productions, workshops, and historical exhibitions from collections at the Porcelain Museum in Porsgrunn. We are proud that ,in 2020, we became the first Scandinavian member.

Other members include:

Aveiro (Portugal), Porzellanicon Museum Selb (Germany), Prinsenhof Museum, Delft (Netherlands), Boleslawiec (Poland), Höhr-Grenzhausen (Germany), Gmunden (Germany), Limoges (France), Castelló de la Plana (Spain), Manises (Spain), Faenza (Italy), Iznik Foundation (Turkey), and State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan). Telemark Museum and Porcelain Museum present themselves on the culture route’s website,