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  • Besøk Kittelsenhuset i 2019 og se serien Aarets maaneder. Foto: Privat og O.Væring.

– Theodor Kittelsen’s childhood home
– Exhibitions
– Museum shop selling beautiful books, prints and publications

An artist’s childhood home

The Kittelsen house: He was born on the second floor, and as a child he felt as if the distance between the kitchen stove and the living room window was infinite.
Welcome to the small house in the center of Kragerø, where the renowned fairytale illustrator Theodor Kittelsen was born in 1857.

Exhibition 2019:

This year we present Theodor Kittelsens romantic series “The Months Of The Year” from 1889. The series was created on Skåtøy by a newlywed artist who was still under the spell of love.
On the 1st floor of the house we present the story of Inga Dahl, the artists wife.

Throughout the summer we offer guided tours of the museum.
Every Saturday we offer reading of fairytales for children.

Kittelsenhuset 2019
Opening hours: 22. June -18. August, 11 am- 05 pm
(Monday closed)