There were adventures around every corner in my old hometown. Strange old wooden buildings with gossip mirrors outside the windows and tall chimneys with rusty, creaking weather vanes. – Theodor Kittelsen. Folk and Trolls. Memories and Dreams

The Kittelsen House is in the heart of Kragerø, in an atmosphere of narrow and winding streets – just as it was in the center of Kragerø when Theodor first opened his eyes. Theodor Kittelsen was born in this house on April 27, 1857. The family lived on the second floor, the father ran a store on the first floor.

Today, the Kittelsen House is run by the Telemark Museum. The second floor includes parts of the apartment restored as it was when the Kittelsen family lived there, and the first floor has an exhibition room and museum shop.

Welcome to the Kittelsen House and enjoy an art break before you rush off into the city’s busy streets.