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– Stately summer residence of Niels Aall, minister of trade
– Norway’s most significant Empire-style building

Step inside the splendid home of the Aall family, where many decisions, big and small, have been made over the past 200 years.
Niels Aall, who had the Empire-style manor house built in 1807, was minister of trade when the Norwegian constitution was adopted in 1814. Many important discussions took place here at Ulefos Manor and at Søndre Brekke in Skien.

We are presenting a jewellery exhibition, including the signet ring worn by Niels Aall when he signed the peace agreement between Norway and Sweden in 1814.

Ulefos Manor has a gift shop and café.

Niels Aall and 1814

Ulefos Manor was built in 1807 for Niels Aall, Lord of the Manor, wood merchant, ship owner, part owner of iron- and stoneworks. Originally built to serve as his summer residence in the countryside. Architectually, the building is considered to be the most important example of napoleonic style in Norway.
Niels Aall took part in the assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814, where he was a member of government, working for Norwegian independence. He was appointed the very first Norwegian minister of commerce. In August he was the king’s delegate in Moss during the negotiations with the Swedes for a truce, and was involved in negotiation and signing the Moss Convention.