Ein skog av trådar (a forest of threads)

A beautiful exhibition by Borghild Telnes, Gry Grindbakken and Kristine Søgnen. Free admission.

Ein skog av trådar av Borghild Telnes. “A forest of threads”

A forest of threads
Interpretations through thread, text and symbols

“A forest of threads” is the title of an exhibition that is a collaboration between visual artist Borghild Telnes and master filigree silversmith Gry Grindbakken. Kristine Søgnen has written the texts. The exhibition items are for sale.

Borghild Telnes exhibits threadwork, drawings and calligraphy, while Gry Grindbakken contributes with her silverwork. Beautiful craftsmanship of fine threads, made from both fabric and silver. The exhibition lasts until April 2024 and is free for anyone who wants to take a look.

About the artists

Borghild Telnes (b. 1961) is a calligrapher and artist and has run her own business in Seljord
since 1998. She is educated in calligraphy and art, and she works with texts combined with techniques such as hand sewing, thread techniques, illustration, and various types of print. Her tools are pens, paintbrushes, needles and knives. Borghild works with texts as her inspiration and interprets these in her written and visual language. She has worked with other crafters and artists in several exhibition projects over the past 20 years and has exhibited her work in Norway, England, Russia and Japan.

Kristine Søgnen (b. 1975) is from Dale in Sunnfjord, but now lives in Bø, where she works as
a care worker. She spends her spare time writing. Kristine has not published any of her work, but she has collaborated with Borghild Telnes on different projects over several years. Kristine’s academic background is from the writing programme in Bø and Skrivekunstakademiet (the writing academy) in Bergen.

Gry Grindbakken (b. 1969) is one of the few master filigree silversmiths in Norway, and one of the very few people who produce genuine handmade silver for bunads (the national dress) using the filigree technique. Gry is interested in craftsmanship and tradition, but also in the innovative, playful and creative aspects that can be found in folk art. This is expressed in her new bunad silver brooches; both copies and reconstructions of old brooches, but also new varieties, which are all created well within the traditional norms. She is inspired by folk art and cultural heritage; textile arts, nature, colours and other cultures are strong inspirations for her jewellery and installations in a more artistic direction than the traditional silver.

Borghild and Gry got to know each other in 2008.
The seed of collaboration was sown, and they have produced several exhibitions together – to the joy of them both.