Åpning av Blehr-arkivet

The Blehr archive from Stathelle

The Blehr archive has been digitized, come and read old manuscripts on our interactive table!

What is an archive?

All organizations create documentation. This can be letters, board meetings, notes, accounts, drawings, or photos. Together, this becomes the organization’s archive. Archives contain a lot of information and are an important source of history. Archives are part of our cultural heritage and collective memory.

Our collection

The museum has had a preservation role for over a hundred years, so today we have large collections of photos and private archives. The purpose of the collection is to preserve our common history and make it available for research and dissemination.

Blehr Archive digitized

The archive of three generations of Blehr has been digitized and published on digitalarkivet.no. The family was involved in ship trading, shipping and shipbuilding in Stathelle. At an interactive table, you can read more about the history and see some of the scans from the archive. The project was funded with help from the National Archival Services, and was carried out by the Telemark Museum in 2021.