The Munch exhibition

“Kragerø was good to me”, Edvard Munch said. This is also the title of our exhibition.

BIlde som viser en del av utstillingen om Edvard Munch i Kragerø. Foto: Dag Jenssen.

The artist Edvard Munch (1863–1944) came to Kragerø in 1909 after suffering a nervous breakdown the year before. His time in Kragerø is viewed by many as the most interesting period of his life and artistic work. It was also a very productive period. Kragerø is where he painted “The History” and “The Sun”, which decorate the University Aula in Oslo. It is probably the sunrise he saw from Skrubben, the house he rented in Kragerø, that inspired the fantastic masterpiece.

The exhibition opened at Berg 100 years after Munch came to Kragerø. It shows his artistic work in the period 1909–1916 and how the artist lived in this coastal town in the south of Telemark.