Søndre Brekke Brekkeparken, the Manor House at Brekke

The Manor House at Brekke

Take a look inside the stately manor house of 1814 minister Niels Aall and his family.

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Søndre Brekke has housed many fine families, the last one being the Høyer family. They lived there before the manor became a museum in 1909.

You will hear the story of Niels Aall, who owned the manor from 1810 to 1830, and his family. The house served as a combined home and workplace for both Niels, his wife Christine, the children, their private teacher, and of course the servants.

Niels Aall himself was an important merchant and politician. He was present during the constitutional negotiations at Eidsvoll in 1814 as Minister of Trade. He was given an important role in the politics of the negotiations, and he secured peace for Norway through the Convention of Moss (Mossekonvensjonen).

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When the tour is over, we recommend a visit to Kafé Aall Inn.