Hagesalen på Ulefofs hovedgaard. Foto: Tom Riis

A Stately Summerhouse

Join us in the Aall family’s magnificent home, with a view of the Telemark Canal.

At Ulefoss Manor, big and small decisions have been made for over 200 years. The Aall family lived at Ulefos Manor until 2007.

This is what you will hear about during your visit:

– Niels Aall, trade minister and peace broker in 1814, who built the main house.

– The Swede Mørner who was a prisoner of war here in 1808-1809

– Napoleon III’s visit in 1878

– The royal room that has housed King Håkon VII and King Olav V

Niels Aall:

– built the empire complex in 1807, as a summer residence, but made it a permanent residence in 1830. He was trade minister when the constitution was adopted in 1814, and important discussions were held both here at Ulefos Manor. The building is considered the architectural masterpiece of the Napoleonic era in Norway.