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Henrik Ibsen’s childhood home, Venstøp, is just a few kilometres north of Skien city.

Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien on 20 March 1828. At first the family lived at Stockmanngården on the market square, later moving to Altenburggården a little way up the hill. In 1834, when Henrik was seven, the family moved to the country. They continued to live at Venstøp until he was 15.

Exhibitions at The Henrik Ibsen Museum

Take a break in the museum café with a piece of honey cake, Ibsen’s favourite. Our well-stocked gift shop carries many books about Ibsen alongside the dramatist’s own works. Children can have fun dressing up and playing theatre in the barn.

A beautiful farm

Venstøp consists of the preserved farmhouse (dating from 1815), the wash house, the farm labourers’ quarters, the barn and the storehouse.
The farm is set amid a beautiful agricultural landscape. In the large orchard, we have recreated an 1830s bowling alley, which you are welcome to use when you visit Venstøp – just as Ibsen’s parents, Knud and Marichen Ibsen’s guests did almost 200 years ago.

Exhibitions at Henrik Ibsen Museum 2021:

Ibsens childhood home 

Come and visit Ibsen’s childhood home at Venstøp, and learn about the early life of the boy who grew up to become a world-famous playwright.

The journey of Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen once said: “I feel travel unrest in my blood”.

This exhibition we tell you stories of Ibsens journeys, his authorship and his life.

The dramas:
Ibsens travels brought us the drama whuch still moves us and says something essential about the art of living. This part of the exhibition seeks to give you more insight into a selection of these works.

Ibsens travel accessories:
See Ibsens tophat, his coat and umbrella.

Childhood in Skien:
We tell you the story of Ibsens childhood in Skien.

Ibsen Escape

Kom til Henrik Ibsen Museum i Skien og prøv Ibsen Escape og spille Peer Gynt Escape Room. Foto: Birgitte Sjøberg

Try our enigmatic escape-game “Peer Gynt Escape Room” at Henrik Ibsen Museum in Skien.

Peer’s carefree lifestyle and all of his sins have neither led him to heaven nor hell, and now he is in danger of being cast in the Buttonmolders spoon – to nothing! You have exactly 45 minutes to save Peer’s heart while also working your way through all the puzzling tasks of the Escape Room.

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Three Ibsen museums

The farm at Venstøp was donated to Telemark Museum by the Løvenskiold family and opened as a museum in 1958. The Henrik Ibsen Museum at Venstøp is one of three Ibsen museums in Norway.
Venstøp introduces visitors to Ibsen’s childhood (1835–44). The Ibsen-Museet in Grimstad focuses on his youth (1844–50), while the Ibsenmuseet at Arbiensgate 1 in Oslo covers the playwright’s adult life, especially the period from 1895 until his death in 1906.